Ambitious & Annoyed | Why is your business page private?
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Why is your business page private?

Why is your business page private?

When I see this I want to scream! Why is your business page private but you are telling me to come check you out, this is mainly intended for Instagram and Twitter. When I see a private business page this is what I feel like you are telling me:

Dear Potential Customer,

I want you to prove to me that you are worthy of spending money with me. So please go forward and request to view my page so that I can then show you my products for sale. If I see you to be a potential person that will actually spend money then I will approve you, if I think otherwise I will deny or just ignore your request.

Have a great day and don’t forget to hit ‘request’!

Private Business Owner

If you want me to patron your business, make it easy for me. Don’t make me jump through hoops. I can promise you that there is another business owner who is selling the exact same thing (or extremely similar) whose page is public. Good luck with everything and when you decide to go public, let me know!

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