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Who claps for you?

Who claps for you?

You have peers, mentors and friend in business, not just competition.

This is a constantly streaming thought in my mind. It has been in an even higher rotation since the Emmy’s. Viola Davis and Regina King were the winners of the night but in my opinion Taraji stole the show with her excitement for her fellow actors and friends.

Why can’t we all clap for one another? Especially those in our industry!
So let me pull back on my all statement. I am definitely not the we are the world person. The reality is there are people who are for us and people who are against us. There are people we are going to be all in for and people that we should question their motives. My point is everyone is not your competition, nor is everyone your friend. Discernment is key. There is a little thing called support and another called camaraderie that will push us further than viewing everyone as competition ever will. You must understand that your business is based on the relationships you build. Your personality is your business card and the way in which you go about this can mean everything for your business.

Are you clapping for anyone other than yourself?
Let’s start right here at home. Are you genuinely happy for others in your industry or are your constantly hitting them with the light clap, with hopes of them eventually failing? We cannot expect behaviors from others that we do not exhibit ourselves.

Who is clapping for you?
Who is happy for you? This is a serious question! If you can’t think of anyone that is clapping for you that is your first problem. Remove yourself or remove them, whichever is easier.


Follow these simple steps to change the way you look at your peers & competition:

  1. Check yourself. Are you the friend you want others to be?
  2. Check your friends. If you have people around you who are constantly negative and lack the ability to support you, remove them.
  3. Understand that support is not always monetary.
  4. Build relationships!!!!! Don’t approach everyone you talk to with a sales pitch. Get to know people, their goals and even their struggles. Learn how you can possibly sow into one another.
  5. Stop comparing. Comparison is the devil. You can look and see places that you need to improve and take heed to what a person is doing that you are not. End it there, because it is a very short road between admiration and envy.
  6. This is so important I have to say it again. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS! 

I thank God everyday for my business besties. I have been blessed to have one in my industry and several outside. Never hit my line complaining about how someone isn’t supporting you if you can’t show me some receipts of supporting someone else.  (It’s free to share a post or hand out a business card.)

Be Ambitious!

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