Ambitious & Annoyed | What’s this thing all about?
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What’s this thing all about?

What’s this thing all about?

So the name is catchy and all of that but what is actually going to happen over this way. Ambitious & Annoyed is  going to support it’s community in many ways.

  1. DIY products such as our workbook and many more items to come. The Ambition DEFINED workbook allows you to brainstorm, define, and outline your goals.
  2. Planning and organizational products such as our Ambition DEFINED planner. The planner takes some of the content from our workbook and the free accountability sheet, combined with your calendar to help you become more organized in life.
  3. Group/ community based workshops such as the Ambitious Goal Setting Workshop and Annoyed 2 Ambitious intensive. The workshop is a one day, two hour goal defining experience. We take the time to walk you through the entire process of goal setting and planning and give you the next steps to do a weekly/ monthly basis to keep yourself engaged. The intensive is a 6 week guided group where we work on goal setting, and the changing of habits and mindset.
  4. Strategic Planning. We will be doing individual consulting and planning for those who desire a more in-depth, completely personalized experience. Email today to schedule your initial consultation and/ or gather more information.
  5. Podcast – coming soon!

There’s so much more to come, is there anything else you’d like to see?

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