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Transition is INTERESTING!

Transition is INTERESTING!

Happy Motivation Monday!

I know it’s been a while…

So my initial title of this was, Transition is HARD! I had to change that because realistically the transition hasn’t been hard or difficult, it’s just been weird. I am a control freak and a go with the flow type of person all at the same time. Oxymoron, I know! So if there is nothing on my schedule and my required work for the day is complete, I’m game for whatever. On the flip side of that every day begins with a schedule and a plan and a timeline.

As many of you may know, I have made a huge transition in the past month. I went from being fully self-employed for the last 6 years (slightly over 6 years) to taking a full-time job. I went from starting my work day at 10 to it starting at 8:30, ending at 10/11 to still ending at 10/11 (LOL). So the interesting part is how I tried so hard to prepare for this. I kept saying, I don’t want to drop anything, I don’t want anything to fall behind. Couple that with being a silent worker as I work on a new product line to release in the fall has been again, interesting.

In these first few weeks, the one thing that I have learned is, this was not something I could prepare for in reality. I had no idea what it meant because when I left this world before I was just starting my business, not six years in. In addition to only having one business, now I have three. At that time my business revolved solely around my work schedule. Now is very different. Regardless of what the work schedule is, I have deliverables that don’t care about the work day.

It has made me better! My efficiency has significantly increased because I have to be at work at 8:30 so I can’t be up all hours of the night because I am working slow. I am developing a set of tasks that can be sent to a virtual assistant as well. My no has become more firm as well. I need downtime. One of the main reasons I was so pressed to ‘prepare’ myself is that I knew I didn’t want to become that person who only worked. I don’t function well in that environment. I need an hour out of the day where I can have a conversation that isn’t business related. I need time preferably daily to laugh uncontrollably as my friends/ family make fun of me for being goofy. I need to be able to go out and celebrate the accomplishments of my friends. These are things I need to maintain my level of happy. There is so much more to life than business. What does balance look like for you? I don’t understand the narrative people like to push of being constantly overwhelmed. At some point it becomes a choice. When will you make the decision to create and have better processes, so that you can live your best life, since that’s what we are all posting about anyway.

There is no honor in #teamnosleep and #teamnodaysoff in my world. I simply see that as poor planning in most cases. Get out of your feelings and level up!

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