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Social Media Friends or Nah?

Social Media Friends or Nah?

To be honest I am not the hugest fan of the ‘or nah’ trend but I felt it was grossly appropriate in this case.

I don’t know seeing notifications. Not on my phone, inside of different platforms (email, social media, etc.), I just do not like to see those bubbles with those numbers. Because of this I will at least glance at this notifications just to clear them off my screen and mind.

I said all of that, to get to this…
Don’t you hate that moment when you are just trying to carve out a minute for yourself and you are trolling through social media and someone who emailed you earlier that day is now inboxing you because they see you are online.  Communicating about business via social media is my least favorite option.  I am a paper trail type of girl.  It holds all parties involved accountable, I can easily back it up, there is a clear time and date stamp, there are just so many reasons why I prefer to communicate via email.  Also I feel that everyone needs downtime! One of my biggest complaints and my friends can attest to this, is when people take days/ weeks to respond to me and then become upset when they receive the same in return.  I find it to be disrespectful.  I usually provide a response within 1-72 but in my defense that is exactly what it says in my contracts, (24-72).  Maybe I have spoiled people with immediate responses. I digress!  If we are social media friends I have seen you be social as I was waiting on your response and I let you live, give me the same courtesy.

Now I have learned that for minimal questions/ quick questions I have to contact some people on social media despite how much I despise doing it to get them to respond.  I may have sent 2-3 emails that haven’t been viewed at all or they forgot to respond.  We all do it, I am not faulting anyone.

All I am saying is pay attention to who you are working with and try your best to respect their wishes and meet them halfway.  A ton of people that I work with do not feel the same way about this as I do so I have to adjust to an extent.

I do use social media for my businesses, I feel that it is a great way to market and advertise for free but I also enjoy using it for its social purpose. There are some points in the day when we or maybe just I need to do some mindless activity.  Even if it’s just for a minute, there needs to be times during the day that I am not thinking about working in order to refresh my mind and gain those new creative thoughts.

I know that I wrote this from the standpoint of my life but sometimes you just need to vent.  In this case I think there are a few of you out there that can relate.

Unfortunately I have not found the solution to this, if I find one trust I will pass it along.

Talk to you soon, until then….

Live, Love, Laugh & Be Ambitious

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