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Small & Consistent

Small & Consistent

So we all have our people that provide us with inspiration and knowledge. We go on to use and market what we are good at but we have these other people that have programs and products that help us create. Outside of my two mentors that I can touch, Bishop Lyons and Dr. Stone, I thoroughly enjoy Gary Vaynerchuk and Regina Anjeaou.

So today I read a blog post by Regina on her site, On this site she discussed being small and consistent. Here is an excerpt from the post.

Be consistent.

Show up. Consistently.
Keep creating content.
Speak passionately to a crowd of 0.
Until you’re speaking passionately to a crowd of 3. That’s 3 whole people, with whole lifetimes of experience and memories, who have chosen to tune into your words. That’s an honor.

Create. Consistently.
When everyone else has gone to bed.
When everyone else has stopped paying attention to your dreams.
When absolutely no one seems to care.
When someone has recommended to you that you stop or that you move onto something more logical (to them—major eyeroll emoji).

Love. Consistently.
Until your love finds the community of people it’s most needed by.
Until people can’t help but take your concern for them seriously.
Until someone, somewhere believes in themselves again.

Listen. Consistently.
Not just until you hear the one thing you choose to respond to.
Not just until it gets uncomfortable.
Not only for the sake of appearances.
Not only to focus on how someone else’s words make you feel. But also to focus on how they feel.
But also to understand what people need from you.
But also to know what to create consistently, where to show up consistently, and how to love consistently.

So there is nothing mind blowing about the content, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be. We all have quotes and scriptures that we use to get through certain things and they are a sentence or two at most. What makes that content great to you is the relevancy that it has to what you are dealing with. I am really working hard to develop more consistency in my life, especially in my business functions. I do not lack discipline but for so long I didn’t consider myself a writer. It took me 4 years of owning and writing for a magazine and a book to finally add the title of writer to my “resume”. I say that to say, that before I felt bad for making time to write. I didn’t feel like it was a proper use of my time. Therefore I was inconsistent. I constantly thought that there were other things that I should be doing until I finally sat down and said 90% of your life and your business is based on writing. That is work for you. Yes all the other stuff is important but some of those other things are also the things I need to begin to delegate. So I am going to focus now on being small and consistent. If you want to check out the rest of the blog, you can read it here on ByRegina.Com.

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