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Single & Ambitious

Single & Ambitious

In the past month relationships were a hot topic. Specifically being a single, independent woman.

Before we really get into this, let me be very clear. I have no desire to be the single forever cat lady. This one here is waiting and trying to prepare for my one day husband.

So let me tell you dating while running a business has been a pain. What’s the issue? Dominance! The average person who sees me on a daily basis or hears me in conversation because they over in a corner ear hustling says I want to run everything, man included. In some ways I’m grateful that those individuals don’t approach me because they’re probably punks. Sorry but that’s how I see it. (I’m not really sorry but I thought it’d be polite to apologize.)

90% of my day is somehow business related, so I’m probably in a dominant space when you see me. I don’t have a choice! As a woman in business, as ablack woman in business, as a black person in business, as a person in business I have to set a standard. Ambition is a solo venture, there is no one standing next to me to be the dominant figure. I am that person. One thing I learned early in my career is that many people will try you. Some do it because you are a warm and fuzzy person and that attempt to view that as a weakness and some will because they just have that personality of they will try anyone. Even in my shared venture I’m the ‘muscle’ based on my experience and my natural personality. I’m not going to lie, I have a dominant and sometimes intimidating personality. I fall into leadership roles all of the time. Even more of a reason why I don’t want to leave in my relationship.

I call myself a modern traditional domestic. I’m traditional in a sense of desiring a more domesticated home life with my then husband. Modern in my career goals. I desire a dominant and commanding gentlemen. I want him to be the head of the houself and I want to play a role of completion and support. It’s what I need.


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