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The lesson in church for the past couple weeks has been on opposition.  The definition we were working with for opposition, was resistance or dissent. To end the sermon we were given 5 ways to submit and resist opposition.

  1. Humble yourself
  2. Don’t worry
  3. Be sober
  4. Be alert
  5. Resist him first
  6. Know yourself

This lesson stayed with me so long and there was one thing in particular that Bishop R.W Lyons Jr. gave us at the top of the sermon that I felt applied to everything in life.

Opposition is a reality for any form of progress. Stop being surprised.

Talk about a #majorkey. As I sat with this literally the whole day (it kept coming back to me, even during my attempt at nap), I realized how the concept of being surprised was more detrimental than the actual act of opposition. The element of ‘surprise’ takes us off the course. We spend so much time in shock and focusing on what surprised us it allows the opposition to plant their feet to work against us. As I have set some pretty high goals and expectations for myself in 2017 and made others aware of them, I have been seeing a lot of this. In ways I honestly did not expect. One of my goals is to save $10k. In the case that I achieve my income goals this will not be a difficult task at all. The looks, the questions of the why and how are crazy to me. Like don’t we all want money sitting in the bank or are you already there. I know the answer to the latter is no, so we don’t have to spend much time there.

Then there were attacks on two of my businesses. Separately and very different but as soon as I fully recovered from one, here came the other. That was the element of surprise. With the first attack I stayed quiet, I was the only one in the loop, I handled it and to my knowledge no one even knew what was going on.

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