Ambitious & Annoyed | No one is coming to my website
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No one is coming to my website

No one is coming to my website

I have been told this by numerous people when I send follow up emails about how their website is working and if there are any problems. At first I’m annoyed cause it’s always an air of accusation in their tone as though it’s my fault.

Lesson #1: The person who builds your website, whether it’s a friend or stranger, is not responsible for people then seeing your website.

Your web developer is just that a developer, their job is to get your website up and running. To provide you with a product that you are happy with and that you are proud to present to your clients and future clients. It may take some time to get use to but you have to start redirecting people to your website and not to your email, Instagram or Facebook page. If you have your website set up with your products for E-commerce then give them the link to the product in your store, don’t tell them to inbox you for an invoice. If all the details for a job you are hiring for are on a ‘Career’ tab on your website, give people that link.

The point is you have to direct people to where you want them to go. For instance, I never used this site until recently. Why? It wasn’t right. There was always something missing. The words on the pages were right, the graphics weren’t right, the layout wasn’t right, it was always something. I will interject that I was not complaining that people weren’t coming to the page. I was happy about until I thought about how much business I was missing out on by not talking about my website. Basically, I was hiding what I did for a living. What woke me up? When people who I was close to told me they had no idea what I did for a living. It then became real, I am clearly making my life way more difficult than it needs to be if people don’t even know what I do.

It became time to practice what I preach and get people to my site, so here we are, it’s GO time.

Before I go, a few parting thoughts. If you are serious about your business invest in it, while social media pages are great ENHANCEMENTS to your brand do not rely on them. As we are now seeing with Facebook changing things, they control who sees what. Don’t give anyone else sole control over your visibility.

Remember a person cannot support what they don’t know about!

~Be Ambitious

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