Ambitious & Annoyed | New Year, Refreshed LeKeisha… Hey 2017!
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New Year, Refreshed LeKeisha… Hey 2017!

New Year, Refreshed LeKeisha… Hey 2017!

Well Happy New Year! I took a so called break for the month of December. For the last 4 years, December has been terrible for me. I mean silent. That is why I called it a so called break. This year was so different and I am extremely grateful for the change in many ways, especially because I still had the ability to relax and disappear.

A few months ago, I remember Myleik saying on one of her snaps that before she could afford the major trips she still took one day vacations. She would check into her favorite hotel and just remove herself from her normal space. This was amazing for me to hear. It made me refocus my idea of a vacation. Everyone around me was like why are you going to a hotel, what man is coming over there, what are you going to do. My response was, “because I want to and need to, no there is no man coming (at least not to my knowledge) and NOTHING.  For me silence brings clarity and enhances my focus and creativity. So I knew I wouldn’t completely do nothing but I will admit I did more nothing than working. I took a lot of notes. It was a beautiful day out and my room had great natural light so I took a few pics. I felt beyond refreshed before going into a crazy packed month/ year. So happy, I removed myself.

The one thing that I struggled with all of 2016 was my blog. I wanted to blog so bad and I am sure I have said this in previous blogs but my topics felt so all over the place and that just didn’t fit who I wanted to be. When I finally sat down in that room in silence, it came to me! I can discuss most of the topics that I desire as long as they have one central focus. Goal setting and goal achievement. I made a decision last year of what I wanted to do and that was help other people define and reach their goals. Ambition Magazine is a realization of goal setting and strategy development and follow through for me, as well as all of the products that I created in 2016. I have so many things that I want to add in 2017 and I can’t wait to share them all with you. What I know for sure is that I will definitely press forward towards this goal and figuring out the best way to reach and help people through the year.

First up, the Ambition Hold Up Challenge. I am so excited for this challenge to start January 30th. In this FREE challenge we will uncover the things that are keeping you from really going forward with your Ambition.

Until next week, Be Ambitious…

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