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I Need A Website

I Need A Website

As people begin to create their business and for some when they begin to expand their business, a point arrives where all business owners will need a website. This is not the cheapest part of your project but it also does not have to be the most expensive.

There are some specifics that you need to know before going and speaking with someone about creating your website…

  • Budget – You must know realistically what you can afford to spend on your site.  Expecting someone to take the time to create your site for $100 and unrealistically and disrespectful to the person customizing your site.  The reality is that no matter what platform you use, it is a time consuming project.  If you have the time and want to create the site yourself, that is more than possible.  WordPress is a great platform with FREE themes to use.  It is a one-click install after purchasing your domain & hosting.
  • Content – Have your content prepared!  It is not the job of your designer/ developer to create content for your business. Many times you have just met the person, do you really want a person who has heard about your business for an hour to create the written content that represents your business.  Web designers/ developers are telling you that they can put the pieces together to give you a visual presence to enhance your company. Don’t assume that person has the vocabulary to represent you the way YOU want to be represented. Also know that if they can, it may come at an additional cost. You know your business better than anyone else.  You need to have the written content prepared and publish ready.  If you do not feel that you can convey your words appropriately, speak with your PR advisor for help with presenting the appropriate message. This includes all graphics as well.
  • Desired Look – Be specific in the way you convey your desires.  Your idea of specific descriptions may be significantly different than the idea of the person you are speaking with.  For example, the word simple.  Simple to me may be a basic front page with some light text and a simple visual. Simple to use may have a banner, some additional color, slideshow, etc.  Both ideas can be presented in a  simple manner/ classic manner but you risk constant disappointment by not being specific. Truthfully speaking, simple is the worse descriptive word that any of us use.
  • Point/Purpose – What do you want your website to do?  Do you want it be informative, sell products, provide a contact source, what is your goal? Know that answer! It makes all of the difference in the content and the layout.

Now creating a site yourself is a great option and will work well for some. Even if you do decide to create your own make sure you have your content ready, have an idea of the look you want and know the purpose.  You will be surprised at how much stress you have taken off of the situation by doing this.  If you are choosing to tackle this yourself, GoDaddy is currently offering their economy hosting for $1.99 plus a free domain. This is a deal that you can’t beat. Click here, discount taken at checkout! WordPress is a one-click install with lots of FREE themes to choose from.

There are also courses and tutorials that you can take so that you can have some one teach you how to create your own site.  This is usually cheaper still than paying someone else and it is great information to keep you from making lots of timely mistakes.

In searching for someone to create your site for you, check the portfolio!  What do you think of the sites they have already completed?  Do all of their sites look they same, and are you okay with that? Are the sites responsive? (A site is responsive when it changes to fit the medium you are using to view it.  So the site looks the site but it fits your smartphone screen, tablet screen or computer screen accordingly.) You need to know these answers going on because all of these questions are concerns need to be answered in your initial meeting not after the work is completed.

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