Ambitious & Annoyed | What You Need to Begin Building Your Website
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What You Need to Begin Building Your Website

What You Need to Begin Building Your Website

Before you dive into what you need to get started on your website, understand that not having these things will have you feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the process. You need the following items at a minimum whether you are building that site yourself or seeking a web designer. No matter what platform you are using, when you sit down and say I am ready to build my website, you need these items.

What will your website say. This is not something that should be made up on the fly. Create the content for your pages in a word document. That means when you sit down to start actually developing the website, this is complete. You can copy and paste the information, then all you have to worry about is formatting.

Desired Pages
While we are on the topic of content, decide what pages you want on your website. Basic pages that are needed: Welcome, About and Contact. The term pages can be interchanged for sections for those who are desiring a one page website model. As stated above, it is best to create this content in a text document beforehand. When creating, write out each page separately. DO NOT SIT DOWN TO CREATE A SITE WITHOUT TEXT CONTENT! You will spend majority of your time trying to do this portion making the process seem extremely long and tedious. You also want thoughtful content and trying to rush through it just to get something up is not the key.

One of the main reasons people have a hard time building their own sites is that they see a demo that is full of content, they add in one sentence of their own information and then wonder why the site doesn’t look as good as the demo.

This is still apart of your content. Many times people will talk about how bare the pages look because they don’t have images. This is especially important if you are trying to use images of your product. You want high resolution, clear images for your website. When someone goes to your site you want them to see quality images, not something that looks like it was taken at the last minute just to get it up. If you are not building your own site, make sure you know upfront what information you are required to send your designer. Are you okay with stock images? Do you have a preference on the type of images used.

The most annoying thing is to have this great name in your mind, this is your web name, and then you go to purchase it and it’s not available. Domain names cost are $15, some can be more and you can even catch $.99 sale sometimes. BUY IT, WHEN YOU SEE IT!

Websites are not one size fits all products, at least they shouldn’t be. Don’t allow arrogance to take you over either. If you have never created a site, don’t sit down at you computer with a half hour to give and then get upset when your site is not complete. When starting from scratch the basic onboarding process may take you 30 minutes. The average site takes 40 hours to develop. That time can definitely be shorter and it can absolutely be extended. The one that can be said is that you need to give yourself time to work. I have built a site in 2 hours and I have taken months/ years for a site to be to my complete liking. This site is the definition of that, I have owned this domain and had something on it for about 3 years, it’s just been to my liking in the last 6 months or so.

Understand that your first thought may not pan out, be ready for change.

I am going to make a statement, that seems contradictory but it’s very true. Building your website is easy, developing your website is difficult!

Be Ambitious!

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