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Mind Confused?

Mind Confused?

As most creatives have experienced trying to force creativity usually creates junk. Not literal junk in most cases someone else will love it but you find it to be trash.

  1. Do Nothing.
    I know this sounds impossible and you are thinking about that deadline but this will work. Relax! This is with the intention of relaxing your body and thoughts and allowing clarity to show through. It works best when you have a couple of days to release. When we only have a few hours we tend to not really release because of the time restraints. I did this for 3 days one time and by the end of the 3rd day I had not only solved my initial problem but created an action plan for the next 6 months.
  2. Workout. 
    In the course of a regular work day just walking out and saying forget this isn’t really possible. Consider taking a break and going for a walk or taking an early lunch and hitting the gym. Between focusing on your breathing and reps it will take your mind off the project in the immediate. You may even have that ah ha moment where you figure out exactly what you need to do.
  3. Talk it out.
    You may already have the answer you just need to talk through it. It’s like proofreading a paper. When you begin to read it aloud you catch those typos or missing words that you missed in reading off the screen. Have 2 friends that you can call, a problem solver and a one who has no clue what you are doing but it willing to listen. The problem solver can help walk you through some options. It may annoy you at first cause initially they may suggest things that you have already tried but together you may come up with an answer. When talking to the first who is willing to just listen you get the chance to explain what you are doing. By walking them through every step you can see if you missed a step or did something out of sequence.
  4. Stop multi-tasking.
    Multi-tasking sounds good but it is one of the worse things we can do. By not giving our full attention to one project we restrict our creativity. Create a to do list and organize it by deadlines. Stop confusing yourself by attempting to work on 4 things at once.
  5. Eat.
    Stop starving yourself. Food is our bodies fuel so why would you deprive it body fuel under the disguise of being more productive.
  6. Sleep.
    #TeamNoSleep will have you #TeamLateProject. Just like we need food as our fuel we need sleep to recharge. You are not operating at an optimal level with no sleep. An adult needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, with no less than 6 hours. Can you produce when exhausted, yes! Are you producing your best work when exhausted, no!

With different projects, different time constraints and different levels of blockage each of these can work. Start with the one that seems most reasonable at the time. Most importantly no matter what options you choose, stop thinking about the problem as much as possible. I know it sounds like I’m asking the impossible but it can work.

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