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Journal of Ambition

Journal of Ambition

It’s stretching season! Last Monday, I went to church for our bi-weekly teaching and then followed up with a much needed breakfast/ tea with my pastor. It was funny because when we sat down and started talking one of the first things is said was, “I was getting on your nerves.” LOL, and he was. I felt like he saw me walk in and said, “oh I’m making all of tonight about her.” Now I know this isn’t true but that’s how it felt. In my mind, I was there to take some notes and learn something. As I am trying to dive more into my spirituality I am working more on the study aspect. Any of you reading this that have a spiritual life know that those days you struggle to get there are all of the days that it’s about you. It’s almost always about me.

So as I progressed through last week, I realized I needed to take a different level of action during this season. I was becoming frustrated because I had my tools that were working but they didn’t seem to be enough. See I wasn’t stagnant but I was confused at why it felt as everything was growing and stretching me at once. I was reminded of part of last weeks teaching when Bishop gave the analogy of faith and the weight bar. Every blessing requires more faith than the next.

See the concept of faith with many is skewed. There is the act of being still but sometimes people are too still. Faith without works is dead. Therefore as my blessings increase, my faith must increase, and my work and intensity must increase as well. So I decided on Sunday that this week would begin my 90 days of intensity. I have no idea how long this season will last but I do know that for at least the next 90 days my intensity will be laser focused.

Here is what I’m working on:

  • Health & Wellness
    • 5 hours of weekly cardio
    • recording everything in my food journal
    • recording my exercises
    • checking in weekly (measurements, not scale)
    • gallon of water a day
  • Personal
    • make sure that everything is on the schedule
    • debt reduction
  • Business
    • staying true to my schedule
    • pushing towards income goals

So I am two days in. I will not blog every day but feel free to follow my journey on instagram at @lekeishanicole under my stories. So in the span of the last two days I have said no to a potential project, schedule a potential partner meeting and set up time to meet with someone about further discussing the direction of my business. My goal is to schedule the locations for a Transformers and an Ambition event by the end of the week.

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