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I want to be featured!

I want to be featured!

For those of us in the media world this is a constant statement. There are a few things that you should understand when approaching someone with this sentiment.

It’s not personal, it’s business. As growing or established publications we work hard to pick the right mix of people for our publications. You may not be it! If you are a man and talking to the publisher of a women’s publication (or vice versa) you are not a good fit not matter how amazing you may be. Don’t expect your ‘friendship’ to warrant someone completely going against their customer base.

There are other options outside of the cover and features. We have to eat to so consider purchasing an ad instead of always asking for a free right up and then wanting the issue for free as well and then not tell anyone about it so that they can purchase it. How is that situation beneficial to all parties involved?

The last part of this I want to touch on today is approach. Facebook or any other social media inboxes should not be the approach. Especially when it is followed up by questions about the publication. Do your research before making request to be featured. It is somewhat insulting when you say hey publish me and then you send numerous follow up questions simply trying to learn about the publication. What goes through my mind is… why would you want to be featured in something you don’t have a clue about.

Moral of the story, research before you request.

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