Ambitious & Annoyed | I don’t like that!
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I don’t like that!

I don’t like that!

Great, so there is an element that you don’t like on the demo that was provided for you. No problem, almost everything can be changed somehow.

What don’t you like about it?
I don’t know!
What do you like?
I don’t know!
Have you seen any other (sites, business cards, graphics) that you do like?

Let me tell you, whether you are working on a website, photos, business cards, anything that someone else is creating for you. This is going to lead to frustration on both sides. To begin, be honest and open. If you have seen something that you like and you want to use aspects of it, tell the person. With my first business card for the magazine, I told my then intern, I want it to look like a magazine. I had no idea what else I wanted but that was a key point. Low and behold I got a business card with a magazine cover on one site and the illusion of a flipping page on the site with my information. It was what I wanted. Did I provide a lot of direction, no because I was leaving room for creativity but there was direction.

In addition, to providing basic direction, use your words. Many times when you start digging it’s one element that a person doesn’t like. Be specific. Be detailed. Let someone know everything you like just as much as the things you don’t like. When you focus on the negative, the designer may scrap all of the initially presented elements and start fresh for you. Let me tell you, nothing is more annoying that someone coming back and saying ‘why did you change that part, I liked that part,’ when you didn’t express that in the first place. Or, “I just didn’t like that thing on the side.” Not to be rude but I didn’t turn my telepathy on today so as far as I was concerned you didn’t like anything because that is what you said. Now I will attempt to be more gentle when expressing that but that is the feeling that is had. Like I said I make that attempt, I can’t promise you that others will.

I must emphasize, be detailed. Some words are very subjective. Clean and fresh, may mean something totally different for me than it does for you. Don’t rely on someone else’s interpretation to get you an end result that you want. Leaving a person room for creativity is great but understand that the end product is yours and needs to represent you, not them.

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