Ambitious & Annoyed | I am ANNOYED and AMBITIOUS!
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WELCOME! My name is LeKeisha Grant, and I am annoyed and ambitious and you probably are too.

It’s my birthday!!!! So this year for my birthday I decided to formally give life to this concept and brand that is the definition of who I am.

I have been working through this for some time. I believe it’s been about 2 years since I introduced the idea to my PR Consultant and my graphic designer. I know it’s been about 2 years so I had this logo created. I would say it and get many mixed responses and most of them were not all that positive which was annoying. I did have a few people who were really able to engage with it and that helped me pull it together because they instantly say stuff for me to do, LOL. For the people who got the concept, they were immediately asking me to integrate different elements. That helped and overwhelmed me all at once. Now for those who were somewhat negative they fed the mission. They annoyed me so badly but they fed my ambition to push forward. So to those people, thank you for pushing me forward!

So what is this whole thing about? Ambitious and Annoyed is for people who feel stagnant and overwhelmed mostly by their ambition. Some days, most days having ambition is great. It makes you feel like a million dollars and that you can take over the world. On the other hand all the ideas that can come from your ambition can be crippling and keep you feeling somewhat unproductive. What Ambitious & Annoyed aims to do is help you admit and understand your annoyances and then help you turn them into fuel for your ambitions.

Does it work? Absolutely! We wouldn’t be here if it didn’t. Every time that I explained the concept I realized more and more that I need to build this to help others like myself. Even those that were naysayers needed Ambitious & Annoyed. They were in denial and that is the first step, admitting that there is a problem. So many people are pushing this thought of don’t give attention to the negative, I get it but that is also called avoidance. So instead of avoiding and denying we are going to admit, accept and push through.

So what’s your annoyance? What is keeping you from moving forward and hitting that goal? Talk to us and let’s see if we can figure it out together.

One of my issues was, I wasn’t reaching all of my goals? I built out a system to map out my goals and the next thing I knew I was converting at a much higher rate but I had to develop the system. That was one of my biggest issues. I would do and plan all at the same time. I still do that, but I have a more efficient way of doing it now.

Thank you for checking me out, stop by the store and check out our amazing products! There is so much more on the way but this is where we’re going to start, with the basics of organization and setting goals. Want to get me a gift, share this with your friends and/ or grab the product that’s best for you and start achieving in a more efficient and effective way.





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