Ambitious & Annoyed | First steps on building your website
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First steps on building your website

First steps on building your website

When looking at the other people’s sites it can become very overwhelming to think of building your own and it having a professional appearance.

First, take a deep breath! Let’s see where we are are in the process. Do you have your content complete?

Content: Content is King! If you are a blogger you are going to hear this a lot but no matter what type of business you are in, if you want a website you have to have content. Content includes your copy, images and logo. Everything that is visible on your website. This is brand central. Everyone who sees your website will associate this piece more than anything else that you put out there other than your own actions. Everyone who knows and doesn’t know you can and will judge your business off of your websites appearance. Create your text. If you have a publicist and/ or editor that you are working with, build this with them. If not, that is okay make sure that you have someone proof read your content. Next get your images together. Images are important. They need to enhance the page and your brand. Make sure that they are sending the message that you desire. You can use stock images or take professional photos. Cell phone photos are not acceptable. The pictures we take with our phones are great for social media and sharing with family and friends but the quality is not sufficient to translate professionally on your website. Logo, this is a very significant part of your brand and honestly will set the tone of your website. This needs to be developed before looking at the design because the entire design may have to change if the logo clashes. If you do not have the above, you are not ready to build a website! You need to develop this items and then begin to move forward.

Now, there is one thing that you can get even if you don’t have your content complete! Domain! You can and should claim your domain name as soon as possible. I don’t suggest this for hosting. Developing content can take a significant amount of time. You don’t want to waste money on months of hosting and not actually be using the service. Once you have all of your content ready and you are ready to move forward, get your hosting. The only way around this is if you are prepared to develop a landing page.

Stay tuned on landing pages…

Be Ambitious!


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