Ambitious & Annoyed | Definition Affects Appearance
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Definition Affects Appearance

Definition Affects Appearance

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

In most cases this is what we are thinking about when we discuss appearance. This goes much further than clothes! This extends to website, products (for those who produce products), social media, etc.

So I’ve been working on defining LeKeisha. Who is LeKeisha, what does she do, what/ who does she want to be? The easy answer. I am ambition, LeKeisha is ambition. I am the Owner of Ambition Magazine.

That’s a piece. The whole definition is absolutely Ambition, that is who I am BUT there is more to the subsequent definition. For me, it was important to brand myself and my business. I never desired or envisioned my sole voice being the voice of Ambition Magazine. To me that’s not a magazine, that’s a personal blog.

What? What does that mean? That means my life has to be the example. I have to be the #1 ambassador of my brand. Also meaning that I should always be evolving and chasing my ambitions. That is another level of appearance. In chasing your ambitions you can’t be all over the place. That’s where planning and being deliberate and strategic come into place.

This is such a process. It’s never ending! Once’ it’s developed it must be nurtured and maintained.

The latest…
I changed the logo and thought I was ready. Then as I got ready to release my newest products I started really analyzing my website. It wasn’t really visually fitting my brand. It was a blog and that was okay because that is what I began with. Now the transformation is real. New visual look of the website. This is the reintroduction to constant blogging. Guess what??? That’s just the beginning.

LeKeisha  (La-Key-Shuh):

  • Ambition
  • Ambitious Lifestlye
  • Ambition Defined
  • Annoyed by my ambition
  • Transformer
  • Still a work a work in progress

Stay tuned to see how my definition develops my appearance…

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