Ambitious & Annoyed | Annoyance: iPhone or Android Conversation
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Annoyance: iPhone or Android Conversation

Annoyance: iPhone or Android Conversation

This is going to be really short and sweet! Well probably not that sweet but definitely short.

I jokingly bicker with my friends about this often but, stop with this conversation. The conversation you really need to have is, what apps and programs do you need for your business.

The conversation you need to have before that is what are you going to commit yourself to doing for your business.

A person could be out here with an analog flip phone, notebook and #2 pencil but if they really want it they will get it.

Your phone choice will not determine your success, nor will it propel your success. Put in the work and if you find as you work that you need something specific for your needs then you can make the transition to a specific device. Put in the work first. I really like Samsung products and for my needs it works great and I am able to get the apps that I need. I do know that some prefer Apple products specifically because there are certain apps that are only made for Apple or go to Apple first. Makes sense if that’s what you need but know what you need  first.

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