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A Moment of Transperancy

A Moment of Transperancy

Last year was the 1st year I really began to share my story of having MS.

The responses were interesting. I guess because I lived with myself everyday I assumed everyone knew now. I also didn’t think people cared. Not in the sense that people didn’t care about me. But I thought that we just weren’t discussing it because of my want to not focus on it not because people didn’t want want to know.

Next came the want for me to discuss it even more. That’s what really threw me. I constantly said that I didn’t want to be sympathized with because I do as much, if not more than people who have no ailments/ illness so I never wanted to be made a victim.

I was perfectly happy with the occasional ‘how is your health questions’ from those close to me.

Do I deal with things others don’t, yes? It’s scary to wake up every morning and check your body. Most nights I’m so exhausted I don’t have the energy to worry before going to sleep but then I wake up and the 1st thing I do is check and make sure everything is working.

So this year I celebrate 4 years of MS living with me.

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