Ambitious & Annoyed | 5 things to do to get better responses from media outlets
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5 things to do to get better responses from media outlets

5 things to do to get better responses from media outlets

As the publisher of a magazine I see so many things that are really annoying and are honestly bad business practices.

Here are 5 things to stop doing and how to fix these issues.

  1. Do your research.
    We can understand follow up questions but when you are approaching someone about being featured or writing for a publication, you should have already done your research. It’s like going on a job interview and saying hey, I want this job but I have no idea what you are about. Why do you want to be in my publication if you don’t even know what we stand for?
  2. Send realistic emails.
    This again goes into researching the publication to see if you even match their market but it extends a little further. Sending a publication a request for a feature and then telling them when they are going to post it, umm no. All publications, from print to blogs, keep some level of an editorial calendar. I won’t say that there aren’t any outlets that won’t change but most will not change to fit your schedule. You fit into our calendar, or we are sorry we will keep you in mind for a later product.
  3. Supply quality products.
    This is the most important! When you are supplying images of yourself or your product for a publication to use make sure that they are quality or let the publication know so that they may make arrangements otherwise. Screenshots are not acceptable photos to get into a printed publication. Honestly screenshots are not even good for blogs. We make the best out of pictures we take with our phones but it is making do, not ideal.
  4. Your mistakes are not our problems.
    If you make a mistake in what you send us, such as the credits for your photos. That is not a mistake on behalf of the publication so in no way should you expect us to do a reprint based on your mistake. That is a costly mistake and if you really want it to be fixed you should offer to pay for it or understand that it may not be fixed. Now in the case that it is the fault of myself or my team we will absolutely eat those cost and fix our mistake. Otherwise I’m sorry.
  5. Respect our response.
    The worse for me is when I am pressured for an exact date 6 months in advance. If you reach out to us about being featured in the publication and I say you fit into our editorial calendar in September 2016 and will follow up in a few months, let me. Businesses can change so much in the course of 1 month so there will definitely be movement in 8 months. For the purposes of printing and preparation we will prepare content 2-3 months in advance. So the reason that you are told that we will follow up is not with the intent of blowing you off. It is simply to have the most relevant and current content on you. Respect that you are on my calendar for me to contact you at a later date when we begin to work on that issue. I will follow up periodically to make sure that you haven’t forgot about but please don’t constantly request an interview date tomorrow. There are 3,4,8 issues before you and that is where the team needs to be focused. Conducting an interview tomorrow does not in any way mean that you will be moved from when we initially decided.
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